From about 18 months our children join our Toddler group.

As your child grows – so too does their independence and spatial awareness.

All our rooms meets the social, physical, cognitive, language and self-help skills needs of their age group.

Our Toddlers may remain in this room until about 2 years of age – and we love to think of this time as the “Terrific Twos”.

Even if their favorite words can sometimes be 'No' and 'Mine', their personality, speech and knowledge is advancing so quickly it often takes us by surprise.

In this group the child becomes familiar for the first time with a routine but it has to be flexible.
Using themes, curriculum and appropriate room programs we expose the child to continuity and structure in their day.

The equipment in their rooms is age appropriate and allows the child to participate with Books, Creative Corners, Sand and Water, Games, Dress Up, Home Corner and much more.