In Chuckleberries we recognize that children have to advance when they are ready – not just because it is the start of term time.

That is why all our children can progress into the next age appropriate room when they are ready – regardless of the time of year

Children learn so much through play. At playschool age their characters and traits are become more obvious and develop further.

By socializing and sharing in a fun environment children are learning some of the great foundations for later life. When children are involved in play they are trying to make sense of the world around them and their place in it.

For example when they are playing at role models (e.g. mammies and daddies) they move like them, sound like them and work like them.

This is how they learn about society and the interaction of people and places.

All our schools recognize cultural diversity as we know that we cannot separate the child from his or her own culture.

Our trained Playschool leaders use play to cover many different areas of learning including, Manipulative Play , Reading, Listening, Constructive Play, Arts & Crafts and Drama.

Our staff attend regular courses to keep them full of new ideas!