We honestly love what we do and are particularly passionate about our Montessori schools.
We believe our Montessori schools offer the highest standard of teaching.
All schools are Certified Montessori Schools with St. Nicholas Montessori Society.
Every teacher in every Montessori room is a qualified teacher.
Each child in our care will be nurtured and taught to meet their individual needs. They will learn at their own pace and will covers many areas of learning including:

  •     Mathematics
  •     Botany
  •     Language
  •     Science
  •     Practical Life
  •     Arts & Crafts
  •     Sensorial
  •     Drama
  •     Geography
  •     Computers
  •     History
  •     Botany
  •     Culture                                                    
  •     Music

Most children will spend 1 year in Junior Class before progressing with their teacher to Senior Class. Freedom in the classroom to select and complete their own work encourages their self-confidence and self-worth. They are educated to respect and enjoy their world around them. We focus on learning that is fun while still developing their social skills, self-expression and self-esteem.

Since 1998 we have been meeting the needs of parents and children in the locality. Because of our proven ability we have successfully assisted and prepared many children to make the transition to 'big' school (i.e. the national school) – as many of them actually go to school with their local friends.

Our Montessori schools participate in the Government ECCE Scheme